Alright then, I’ve discovered something grand in retail. Those of you in the UK are certainly already in-the-know about Supermarket Sarah. You might have seen her wares at Selfridges, perhaps?

She seeks out wonder walls to display her goodies, and you get this whole new shopping experience. Take this Crispin Finn set. I am pretty sure Fourth of July will be a whole lot better with a few of these little items:


Or how about this set up?


Ok and just because I like 3 here’s one more to cap it off!






So it isn’t here yet but Summer is inspiring us at Archie & Eldred. In Michigan, we ache for every few moments we capture of this precious season.

Despite it’s namesake this little spot isn’t utterly about Summer but it is inspiring nonetheless. Anyway, what’s in a name?


Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.03.30 PM






Innovate or…

While reading this INC. article on Top 10 Innovators Who Trump Steve Jobs, I thought, sure this is a good list of the “standards”. Gutenberg, Newton, Einstein, Atanasoff, Curie and the like were all game-changers and awesome-makers. Yet, what about the last decade? I want to know more about the massive leaps by the innovators of today.

I wanted the article to push me to explore the newbies. I wanted to see the imagination of the last decade to validate my observations that Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, whoever developed 3D printing, among others. The newbie awesome-makers have caused a shift in our culture. How and why is that happening?

These guys inspire and challenge us.  We have these ideas for Archie & Eldred and they are POSSIBLE, if not inevitable. We started this shindig more than three years ago and I can not find our model, our inventions, and ideas anywhere in culture or in the marketplace. #YAY

#YAY. We have some ideas about how clothes should reflect our best bits and downplay the ones we aren’t thrilled about. But the clothes are just the output for investing in the development of those who serve others.

# YAYbut = Everything looks like we are nowhere close to this dream. But #YAYanyway.